For more than 25 years we produce and sell bottarga and seafood specialties. During these years we have received many requests from our customers and consumers, eager to learn more about our proposals and innovations.

Today, we are happy to answer to these requests and to ensure that everyone can enjoy our specialities. Among these, the mullet bottarga, a typical specialty of Sardinia of ancient origins. It is a unique product, always appreciated for its originality and delight. Today, it is increasingly sought after by the best chefs of renowned restaurants around the world and by lovers of good food.

Unique processing

Our products over the years has taken leading places in the italian and international markets.

It was of paramount importance to optimize internal processes to meet market demands. The generational change, which took place through a delicate but conscious transfer of know-how and aligned with a new business vision is projected to invest in the company starting from people.

Being able to intuit and understand in advance what may be a future success, is still today, what characterizes us most and that gives us uniqueness.

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We are a certified company and believe that it is of primary importance to ensure the quality of our product and keep high standards in every aspect of our work.